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1. Royal Cake International  Cake Art Competition

Invitation and Regulation  
9th November 2019
Gödöllő Royal Castle
2100 Gödöllő, Grassalkovich-Kastély 5852.hrsz.

Gödöllő local government   
Gödöllő Royal Castle  

Cake World Hungary® Kft
Tortamissio Tortadekoráció

It has been planned for years to set up an exclusive and extraordinary cake competition. The emphasis is on our respectful memory of  Queen Elisabeth. We have planned an international competition  where  not only  professionals but also talented amateurs can participate. This is the first occasion on this topic, which makes us very proud. We think that the most remarkable place for an occasion like this is Gödöllő Royal Castle.
We are waiting for exhibits in baroque and rococo style. This era was portrayed by rich ornaments, lots of gold, monumentalism. Many ideas and possibilities. Just think of the ballroom of the Gödöllő Royal castle or Schönbrun Castle. Try to be Sisi, our beloved Queen. Spread your wings and do something special connected to her and the age she lived in.
Eligibility to enter the competition is open to everyone. You are welcome regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional.

Entry and prices
You can enter the competition by completing the entry form and transferring the entry fee.
The entry form must be sent to  
The entry fee must be paid for Cake World Hungary® Kft. UniCredit Bank: 10918001-00000083-70570008.
Please write your name and the following text „I. RoyalCake Tortaverseny nevezési díja” into the announcement. After the payment you will receive your invoice.  
Unfortunately we cannot consider late entries. There are no refunds.
The deadline to register your entry and pay your registration fee is 30 September 2019.
Payment deadline: 15 October 2019.
Exhibits must be delivered from 7AM-9AM on 9 November 2019.
You will be given your number by email. You will find the same number on a table to where you have to place your exhibits.
Exhibits can only be removed after the results to be announced.  
Results will be available at 5pm.

Tables and white tablecloths are provided. All other decorations must be provided by the contestants. You may need an extension lead in case of repairing or lighting your exhibit.  

Adult 1490HUF
Student, seniors: 990HUF
Combined tickets
Cake show + permanent exhibition: 3990HUF
Combined family ticket:  
Cake show + permanent exhibition: 8490HUF
Free entrance for children under the age of 3, disabled people,  for group leaders(1person/15people), for the contestants and their helper.  
You can buy tickets at and at the scene.
Free parking spaces are provided for the contestants.

Every contestant will get an exclusive gift pack and a certificate.
The contestant who gets the most points will be the Royal Cake Winner and receive 1000 EUR by the sponsorship of  Fractal Colors Kft.

Judging will be conducted by a team of qualified Hungarian and international judges. To guarantee the fairness of the event, the contestants cannot stand next to their tables during the judging.
The judging takes place at 9 am. Judging for the competition entries will be based on an international point system. Gold, Silver, Bronze awards will be handed out in each category.    
100-90 points -Gold medal and certificate
89-75 points -Silver medal and certificate
74-60 points- Bronze medal and certificate
59-0 points- Certificate

Judging criteria:
Judges will be scoring based on the following criteria:
Visual impact and aesthetics, creativity, colours: 25 points
Originality, innovation, using new techniques: 25 points
Difficulty, execution: 25 points
Elaboration, precision of techniques: 25 points
Total: 100 points
Judges will be able to discuss your results after judging.  
The Judges' decision is final.
Exhibits must not be entered into any other competition or exhibition, no matter where. If proven, the entry will be disqualified.  


Celebration Cake
The exhibit must have 3(min.30cm) or more tiers and be placed on a Styrofoam base of maximum 60cm x 60cm. The maximum height of the exhibit is 120cm. At least two techniques must be used (sugar flower, caramel, chocolate, figures, sculptures, airbrush, hand  painting, royal icing, wafer) and it must be edible.
Prohibited: non edible decoration, plastic doll, ribbon, peacock feather
The base cannot be seen. Wires and non-edibles must not be directly inserted into cakes or dummy cakes, a suitable protective barrier must be used such as a posh pick or similar.

Decorative Exhibit  
Unique design, sugar, caramel and brittle, chocolate painting, tragant, marzipan, royal icing sculpturing or any other special techniques and works.
The exhibit must be a minimum height of 50cm and a maximum height of 120cm and be placed on a maximum of 60cmx60cm base.
Using different techniques is expected. Sugar flowers are not allowed.
The exhibit must be edible and only 3 dimensional. Supports,  frames  are permitted if it is necessary.  

Sugar Floral
Each participant can enter with 1 piece!
We require a composition of at least 7 flowers. The amount of leaves should be consistent with the composition (the more leaves the richer the bunch).
The buds and filling flowers are not considered full-blown flowers, but they are required in the composition. In each composition, at least 3 different types of flowers should be used, in addition to buds and tiny flowers. Artificial stamens can also be used to make the flowers more lifelike if needed, but artificial leaves cannot be used. The use of a thread is also accepted for mid-section. When making flowers and leaves, botanical accuracy, the proper number of petals, and the husk of the leaves are important (of course, we won't count petals on daisies and gerberas). Also make sure that the petals and leaves are properly thinned. Pay attention to the size and the right color choice and overall effect. The composition also accepts extra ribbon wires, which enhance the aesthetic value of the ornament, but are positioned so that they do not suppress flowers, i.e. the wires do not dominate. Decorating the table is the task of the competitors!
In both categories, using patterns and shapes will lose points, over handicraft.  

You must leave a note with the name of the exhibit and a list of products used. Your name can be placed only after the end of judging.
Use only edible materials, food colouring and ingredients accepted by the EU.

Contact, more information:  
Please do not hesitate to ask.  
Phone number:+36-20-585-2305
Cake World Hungary® Kft , Direktor: Magyarné Fekete Veronika (on weekdays from 08:00Am to 5PM)

Good luck.
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